Friday, October 24, 2008

EZ - 4 Free Ways To Download & Convert YouTube Videos

In this video we run you through 4 different methods of downloading a YouTube video and convert it to another file type (.mov in this case).
4 Methods
1. Convert online and download already converted file
2. Download the YouTube .flv (flash video) file then convert it with the help of a YouTube download website like
3. Use the FireFox Add-On 'Video DownloadHelper' to download the .flv file and convert it (By far my favorite method).
4. (old school) Just watch any YouTube video and then grab the .flv file out of your temporary internet folder and convert it.
We'll go into more detail and include links to all of the sites and software used in the video after the jump...

1. Convert online using a site like or (as you'll see, in this video didn't want to play nice. Unfortunately that's common with the convert online sites). does work and is one of the most popular online convert and download sites -- so popular it is having trouble handling the load. Though it's my least favorite, this method is perhaps the easiest way to learn and doesn't require you to download any software.

Other online conversion sites are: (this one will email you the converted file, if you want to go that route)

2. Use a YouTube flv (flash video) download site and convert it with WinFF video converter (freeware) WinFF video converter (freeware) is the easiest to use free software that converts flv, wmv, avi, mov, etc.
YouTube flv (flash video) download sites: (Of these sites, I like this one best)

3. Use the FireFox add-on Video DownloadHelper to download the .flv file and convert it with WinFF. Video DownloadHelper works with many different sites and file types, not just YouTube. This is definitely the best/easiest way imho.

4. The no software way. Just watch the YouTube in Internet Explorer and then grab the .flv (flash video) file from your temporary internet folder then convert it with WinFF. As you can see, whenever you watch a YouTube video, or many of the flash video sites online, you are actually downloading the video already to your computer to watch it. The above methods just make it a bit easier.
To play YouTube's flv files on your computer I recommend VLC media player (Freeware - plays just about every video file type). It's my default player for most every file type.

Here's a review: "VLC Media Player, play everything anywhere"

All of the software/sites mentioned above are completely free, and with the exception of in method 1, none require you to register or disclose your email or anything.